Monday, October 22, 2007

A Few New Pics

This is quite the mirage, but really due to the fact the bar is so dark that I set my camera to sunset mode which has a good 3 second shutter speed allowing me to get the rather fleeting images.

A photographer from the Free Times came in the other night to photo some of our dishes. Look for a review soon i guess.

This was a special a few weeks ago. Melon salad with feta, mint and balsamic garnished with fleur de sel and black pepper.

This salad is on our menu right now. Pickled pears, butternut squash, blue cheese all with a maple dressing an a mixture of baby spinach and arugula.


B.B. said...

You left Fahrenheit! I look forward to coming and visiting Wonder Bar soon. When is a good time?

Michael Walsh said...

We have a nice jazz band playing after 9 pm tuesday thru saturday. if you don't want to come out late we do lunch wed thru friday 11 till 3. there are plenty of spots of e.4th, make a night of it, but don't forget to come see me!!

deanna said...

My boyfriend and I came to Wonder Bar Sunday night and sat at the bar. The bartender was really sweet! We plan to come back to try the menu soon, I really want to try the chili!