Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Copper River King Salmon

I've been lucky enough to have this product in my kitchens the past few years. Copper river salmon season is very special. A short season, with strict fishing quotas result in very high prices on terribly perishable product. We are currently paying $25 a pound for skin on sides of the beast. The flesh is amazing though. It cooks up wonderfully, with a crisp sear and moist interior all due to the high fat content. Customers are loving it, eating it up like nothing else. I've took the luxery of sneaking a few scrap pieces for myself, and liken Copper river salmon to farm salmon the same way a piece of cardboard stuck under the fryer tastes compared to duck leg confit. The season is not over, and we will have Copper river salmon from now untill it is no longer available.


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