Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter pics

Sear Tuna over an orzo salad topped with beet-dill salad around a beat-balsamic reduction.

A fun pic of our crap.

Pancetta...sliced and diced

Wings for a creamy chicken noodles and herb soup


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cooking at home

Here is how I cook at home….

I recently enjoyed a very nice meal with my family. Things turned out great. I only got three pans dirty, but I was cooking for 5. I thought it would be interesting to share my recipes from that night keeping in mind that I do get paid to cook…. as my day job.
First go to Marc’s Discount Store and don’t even think of going any further. Just decide in the beginning that if it isn’t here, we aren’t going to get it on this night.

Mexican chicken stew with Avacado salsa

Three # boneless skinless chicken breast cut into large chunks
One package southwest marinade

One box “Tortilla & Black Bean Soup” calling for 8 cups of water
One can diced tomato

One avocado
Half bottle of Ortega brand green salsa
Few dashes of Sweet and Spicy Tabasco

One sleeve Chicken flavored rice calling for one and half cups water

First dice up the chicken and marinade it. There are directions on the package. Next start water boiling for the rice and soup. Their respective boxes say the both take 20 minutes, and those directions work perfect. Dice the avocado and add it to the salsa. Using a fork mash up this mixture while adding some salt and black pepper. For presentation put this in a bowl and top with a few dashes of Tabasco. Red on green is just stunning. Drain the marinade off the chicken after the proper amount of time has been reached as directed on the package of marinade. Get a very large skillet hot, or two skillets, or do in two batches but in the end just brown off the chicken and add it to the soup. The box of soup says to cook for 20 minutes but I cooked it, and in the end with the chicken in it for about 35. Fluff the rice, put two hot pads down on the table and chow down.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Foodie Subcultures

Are you into local, raw, adventurous, competitive, beer, bbq, or state fair food? Well there are some people completely occupied with these foodie subcultures and you can investigate them more here. Or pick an new obsession and stick with it. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Top Ten Things About '10

Top ten things about 2010

I worked all year at one place. Continuity at its best.

Me being allowed the opportunity to create weekly specials with little to no restraint.

Working with Sean from Michaels Finer Meats and Seafood.

Feeling genuinely appreciated by a few regular guests at Nemo Grille.

Taking individual pride in the ordering, organization and overall well being of a prosperous and well regarded kitchen.

Are you kidding me I have to come up with five more………….

Give my shout out to those who left, and those still around: Halla at Steve, James, Sean, Dean, Alyssa, Lucianio, Brain, Jenny Poo, Ramone and his flower shop, and everyone who got left off the list who wanted to be on it.

We started listening to the Jim Rome show at work from noon till 3. That shit is funny. We laugh out loud sometimes. It is a real stress breaker when you are busting ass on a huge prep list.

New music I found I like, or kinda like the past year: Diabolic, Kid Cudi, MGK, old school Dirtbombs, The Black Keys, DJ Foodstamp, LCD Sound System, King Britt, Mumford&Suns, The Bees, Mayer Haythorn, and seeing the one and only Pearl Jam LIVE with my lil sis.

Keeping up with this blog including chit chats with Salty, being dumped from Rhulmans blog roll, warming up to The Chef’s Widow, and taking interest in everyone included in ClevelanDelicious.

The final top ten thing about 2010 is being alive and moving on to 2011. While it might not have been a great year for many of us the new year allots us the opportunity to turn the page and take the best of ’10 and parlay it into the best we can do in ’11. There is nothing better than looking at a clean slate, wanting the best, and pushing ourselves to do better. For those of you who know me….your laughing your ass off at my optimism, but this is a turn for the better.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Best Thing Ever Poll

There is a show on the Cooking Channel called The Best Ever, or maybe it’s on Food Network too? The point is that a few personalities say all nice things about a restaurant, space, chef or dish. So that is where the question for this poll came from. The show doesn’t come across as very honest that is why I started the question off that way.
I’ll share with you my quick takes:

Best dish by a chef at a restaurant would be king crab legs under spicy Americana sauce at Morimoto in Philly. Ironicly Kari ordered this dish while I ate the 7 course Omikase. I’m not a fan of saffron at all, but add the right amount of spice and it worked great. By no means do I intent to discount the awesomeness of the sushi, scallop noodles, foie gras with Kobe beef or the octopus that was also part of the meal.

Best dish by a loved one would be my sister’s baked beans with bacon and some other ingredients that she keeps to herself. Then again Mom’s city chicken and Beef Stew could make it a three way tie. Wait…Kari makes some good pasta especially when it involves bacon…..four way tie!

Best dish by me would have to be poached eggs on toast topped with hot sauce. Best dish by me served in a restaurant would be foie gras mousse with Makers Mark gelee and granny smith apple emulsion.