Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cooking at home

Here is how I cook at home….

I recently enjoyed a very nice meal with my family. Things turned out great. I only got three pans dirty, but I was cooking for 5. I thought it would be interesting to share my recipes from that night keeping in mind that I do get paid to cook…. as my day job.
First go to Marc’s Discount Store and don’t even think of going any further. Just decide in the beginning that if it isn’t here, we aren’t going to get it on this night.

Mexican chicken stew with Avacado salsa

Three # boneless skinless chicken breast cut into large chunks
One package southwest marinade

One box “Tortilla & Black Bean Soup” calling for 8 cups of water
One can diced tomato

One avocado
Half bottle of Ortega brand green salsa
Few dashes of Sweet and Spicy Tabasco

One sleeve Chicken flavored rice calling for one and half cups water

First dice up the chicken and marinade it. There are directions on the package. Next start water boiling for the rice and soup. Their respective boxes say the both take 20 minutes, and those directions work perfect. Dice the avocado and add it to the salsa. Using a fork mash up this mixture while adding some salt and black pepper. For presentation put this in a bowl and top with a few dashes of Tabasco. Red on green is just stunning. Drain the marinade off the chicken after the proper amount of time has been reached as directed on the package of marinade. Get a very large skillet hot, or two skillets, or do in two batches but in the end just brown off the chicken and add it to the soup. The box of soup says to cook for 20 minutes but I cooked it, and in the end with the chicken in it for about 35. Fluff the rice, put two hot pads down on the table and chow down.

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