Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do it Yourself Oyster Mushrooms

Oh they joy of growing mushrooms!

Sometime doing things yourself can make financial sense and be a soul satisfying experience, very much unlike the home mushroom cultivating kit described by Florence Fabricant in today NYTimes. If you are not familiar with oyster mushrooms they are somewhat under satisfying. They lack a very distinctive flavor and/or texture and produce a mostly flaccid slimy cooked fungus product.

Instructions include placing box in a dark place and misting with water. Sounds like a nice place to do some serious reflection. Alone, in the dark, watching a box of mushrooms grow!?! If you escape the self-destructive depression this might induce you can take a picture of your bounty, post it to Facebook and receive a complimentary refill of mushrooms in mulch. Worth a try.

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Anonymous said...

what? are u nuts? oysters are some of the best eating mushrooms out there and are realativly easy to grow. And as for being grown in the dark and all your dreary, oysters require light to fruit and eating something u grew yourself is very satisfying. So eat one of your Ambien and leave the rest of us alone.