Saturday, January 01, 2011

Best Thing Ever Poll

There is a show on the Cooking Channel called The Best Ever, or maybe it’s on Food Network too? The point is that a few personalities say all nice things about a restaurant, space, chef or dish. So that is where the question for this poll came from. The show doesn’t come across as very honest that is why I started the question off that way.
I’ll share with you my quick takes:

Best dish by a chef at a restaurant would be king crab legs under spicy Americana sauce at Morimoto in Philly. Ironicly Kari ordered this dish while I ate the 7 course Omikase. I’m not a fan of saffron at all, but add the right amount of spice and it worked great. By no means do I intent to discount the awesomeness of the sushi, scallop noodles, foie gras with Kobe beef or the octopus that was also part of the meal.

Best dish by a loved one would be my sister’s baked beans with bacon and some other ingredients that she keeps to herself. Then again Mom’s city chicken and Beef Stew could make it a three way tie. Wait…Kari makes some good pasta especially when it involves bacon…..four way tie!

Best dish by me would have to be poached eggs on toast topped with hot sauce. Best dish by me served in a restaurant would be foie gras mousse with Makers Mark gelee and granny smith apple emulsion.


Anonymous said...

Best a thing I ate and learned to cook by a chef at a restaurant, foie gras mousse.


Michael Walsh said...

aahhhh, what a nice thing to say Forrest!