Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Poll Results are in.....

This poll caught me by surprise. Looks like 30% of our small sample group looks to blogs for local restaurant news and reviews. When I put some thought into the question I realized that the Plain Dealer has every advantage over the others as it’s a daily paper, devotes one 6 page section a week to food, and another 4 pages to restaurants on Friday. It is interesting to keep up on what everyone has to say, but for the most part everyone has the exact same thing to say.

Michael Symons repitoire with the Plain Dealer seals it for me. The Plain Dealer could possibly function as the single source of restaurant information, but that would not allow for the checks and balances that occur when different voices have a platform. For this reason we all will continue to re-read the same information in other outlets, just to make sure the facts are straight.

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