Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dispatches from the chest freezer

I’m writing directly from my ‘office’ for this post. I’ve fashioned the top of my chest freezer, loaded it with a laptop, I pods, and headphones, in order to surf the web aimlessly while listening contently to the silence that is the Wonder Bar. The numbing hum of the cooler next to me is only every so often broken by the nightmarish crank, crank, crank of the printer from which my work orders spew forth. Today far and few between which leads me to the poll question we have posed most recently. What would cause you not to go out to eat?

The winner by a neck was ‘working late’ but as I currently sit in a empty restaurant , ankle deep in downtown Cleveland’s first Restaurant Week, with the snow still falling after an exhausting all day affair, I feel comfortable in saying if you aren’t a weather person or plow driver, you aren’t working late tonight. And I can say for a fact, you aren’t out to eat. Ha, snow is the culprit. Snow and the evil weather persons who whore themselves to the fears of slippery exit ramps, and idiots driving their new Explorers all over the road, from curb to curb, with full traction, and no concern.

Only one brave sole had enough courage to ante up that they don’t cook and good for them. But where are they now? Have they stocked up with enough foresight that this miserable manipulation of precipitation does not affect their daily existence? Oh lonely non-cooking sole, come to visit us, we are lonely, and need a reason to carry on.

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