Monday, April 14, 2008

MMMMM Bacon!

I was lucky enough to be stumbled upon by a fellow bloger, Sheena Simpson who is a contributor to a very interesting blog about the culinary scene in and around Atlanta. Sheena was nice enough to forward me a sample of an interesting product, Bacon Salt. The product is in fact fat free, vegetarian, and kosher, three things no one was previously foolish enough to associate with anything bacon-y. On top of that, the main detractor of most seasoning salts is there insanely over the top saltiness which is pleasantly absent in Bacon Salt.

I’ve been using the Hickory Smoked Bacon Salt with great satisfaction. It brings both smoke and bacon to the game, which is very nice. The flavor of bacon is mysteriously there, but also up front and in your face. I’ve added it to steamed vegetables, a very light dusting as to just hint at slathering the otherwise healthy vegetables with bacon fat. Bacon Salt also made it into a batch of potato croquettes that I seasoned more aggressively, and was able to keep a smooth, light potato texture with full bacon flavor. We put some on popcorn, that was very interesting. I think of popcorn as light and fluffy, but the Bacon Salt comes through so clear as to fill you up.

If you like bacon, you will like bacon salt. You can find it at their website for sure. I’m impatiently waiting to sprinkle some on fried eggs, fresh tomatoes, and french fries.

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