Thursday, September 23, 2010

Graham Kerr, a Poll Favorite

Graham and Julia are the runaway favorite cooking personalities in this last poll. Everyone knows about Julia, but this Graham Kerr character put together some great on screen moments himself introducing much of North America to his European culinary specialties. Currently you can see Julia and Graham back to back during the 2 o’clock hour on The Cooking Channel. But here is a little more about Mr. Kerr.

Graham Kerr was born in London, England 1934. By the age of 20 he was the General Manager of England’s Royal Ascot Hotel. While working in New Zealand as a catering chef his first book was published in 1963, ‘Entertaining with Kerr’. Beginning in 1969 on a Canadian soundstage in front of a live audience Kerr spent two years producing the beloved television show ‘The Galloping Gourmet’. Tragically a 1971 car accident put an end to the show, but Kerr went on to do plenty of short features for North American television. Kerr has been involved with the production of well over 20 cookbooks. While his early work and television persona featured copious amounts of butter, fat, and cream Kerr has become a huge advocate of responsible and healthy eating. He currently works with Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington looking for innovational and healthy culinary options

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