Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where did grandma's food come from?

It was quite a pleasure this past week meeting the cheese maker at the newly establish Lake Erie Creamery. After exchanging pleasantries, and assessing the honest goodness that their artisan goat cheese poses, we struck up a conversation about local farmers markets. We concluded that there is in fact the North Union Farmers Market at Shaker Square all year long, but right about this time of the year, the fresh local produce almost disappears. Gone are the tomatoes, melons, peaches, salad greens, onions, broccoli, garlic, even potatoes and hard squashes are a wisp away. A short discussion concerning the recent E. Coli events, lead us to the dismal reality that we will be going back to the supermarket and purchasing fresh produce from god knows where. I had to ask myself at this point, "Where did great-grandma get here food from?" When winter settles in, and there is no supermarket, no air-chilled asparagus on an overnight flight from Chili. What did she eat, what did she cook, and what would she think about our current desire to buy locally, or at least when it’s convenient. I think she would laugh at us, and rightfully so.


Rachel said...

Chances are that she had a "Victory Garden" during WWII and canned everything at the end of the season.

Michael Walsh said...

rachel, your answer is right on, and very appropriate. but i was hoping to look a little deeper into the things that we really appreciate. Do we appreciate the local tomato farmer enough to not eat mexican tomatos in december because they suck, and are enviormentally dirty. or do we appreciate the local tomato farmer because we buy cheap tomatos from them for 3 weeks out of the year and call ourselfs health nuts, for a week. ???