Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Dinner Revisited

This is the pride and glory of the meal. We have a boneless capon wrapped around duck breast and ground pork. The Activa worked even better than I expected. There was no change in texture where the two different proteins meet, and the bond was sturdy, all the way thru to cutting it with a fork and knife. I found the whole thing to be disappointingly bland. The outside of the roll in the picture has herbs coating it, and I found I really missed the sear, and carmalization of a roasted turkey. Fortuanatly these are things that can be fixed....mushroom gravy saved the day.

This is an arial view of our spread, quite a feast. It was at this point I exclaimed, "things aren't getting any warmer" and they didn't. I let myself down with some absolutly cold squash. They will definatly be better as a reheat the next day.

The pay off!!! Sound asleep while someone else cleans up.

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Dad said...

Thank you again for preparing,our
Christmas feast.It was appreciated
more than you know.


MOM said...

From the Best Chef in Cleveland, the best Christmas Dinner. Thank you.LOVE MOM

cuisinier said...

Hey Michael, long time no hear...hope all is well. Hope you had a great holiday season. Sounds like the Activa worked well. I have been procrastinating that product for a long time, but have come to the conclusion that it is a must for some items such as that. Happy New Yar! Bill