Friday, January 11, 2008

New Organic Truffle Oil

Be the first chef on the block to use daRosario Truffle Oil which is now 100% USDA Certified Organic. And it's the only USDA-certified organic truffle oil on the market. The NY Times likes it, and so should you. I've placed my order. For more info visit here.


graham said...

Organic Truffle Oil, now that sounds exciting, I have never heard of that before. Do they export to the UK? I would be please to put it my website for Organic Consumers in the UK.

Michael Walsh said...

Graham, This is where i found my ordering info,

Your organic web site is very good looking. There is alot of information there. I was reading about the UK definition of 'organic' and it seems to cover much more the US idea of the word. I just assumed that when applied to produce there where no artifical herb/pesticides used, and well, if applied to meats i just had no idea what that meant. Does we share the same guidlines as the UK as far as labeling produce, meats, dairy, and perpared products?

graham said...

Organic Standards. No, the standards vary country to country. I am a member [a very small one] of IFOAM which is the World "Certificatory of Certificators" there had to be one [if you see what I mean]. Have a look at their site.