Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wonder Bar Dinner Menu Re-Invented

In an effort t to attract more dinner time customers to the wonder bar we introduced a more traditional menu offering of appetizers, salads, and entrees. The style, quality, and creativity of the food will not change, only the portions size. If you like the small plates, don’t dismay they are still available during our happy hour 5 till’ 7pm Tuesday thru Friday. It is in the best interest that we made things as familiar to our customers as possible during the infancy of the restaurant. The small plates didn’t seem to be attracting any customers, but the people we did server enjoyed the food and experience very much. Getting people to try a new concept at a new restaurant might have been too much to ask. Also, the kitchen which is very small doesn’t miraculously enlarge due to our menu expansion, and for this reason I will need to be extra crafty with how dishes are put together. I am accepting it as a challenge. One that I fear might overtake me if things get very busy. There is no option here, to sit on my hands with the tapas, or move forward with entrees. The menu can be found here.


rockandroller said...

I can't see that the menu looks different (other than a few newer items since my last visit). Salads, terra cottas, chili, small plates...am I missing it? Also, have you changed the lunch menu?

I enjoyed it how it was of course, have just been too busy to be in what with working 2 jobs and all, but I will try to get in soon. Hope all is well.

Michael Walsh said...

Sorry, looks like the menu has not been updated on the WB website yet. like i said, you can have the small plates that i know you enjoyed during happy hour, or have entrees if there is something you would enjoy more of.

Unfortunatly we discontinued lunch service. Business slowed to a screaching halt as soon as the weather changed the slightest bit cold. We where doing 16-20 lunches a WEEK the last few weeks.

rockandroller said...

I was afraid that would happen. Sorry to hear it.

Are the entrees just bigger portions of what's already on the menu? We enjoyed things the way they were because we generally prefer tapas and sharing things but I can do "traditional" too.

Michael Walsh said...

Entree are very similar to the small plates with side such as porcini risotto, herb steak fries, spaghetti, sweet and sour cabbage, but, tapas are still available 5-7 for happy hour.