Thursday, December 25, 2008

Late December Photos

Here is a glimpse of the multi grain pilaf set under a filet of Salmon topped with pistachio beurre blanc. The pilaf and sauce really came together nicely.

Here is a wonderful shot of a Plesant Home Cattle Company hanger steak. There are spiced sweet potatoes under there along with satueed spinach with bacon and onions, drizzled with a fig vincatto. I purchased whole hangers from Fresh Fork Market. The roughly six pound pieces needed considerable butchering, luckily it only took me one piece figure things out.

I'm a fool for long shots with alot of objects in focus. This pic looks alot more interesting if you click on it to enlarge.

These two guys are the rocks of the Nemo kitchen. Like the two wheels in a bicycle, these two guys work together better than Abott and Costello. James, on the left, is the brick from which all things sanation wise come from, but he is also trained to toss all our salads, and not limited to cold food, James also is an excellant baker. His co-worker Shean is our big time pantry man, master desert maker, from scratch dressings and bacon are his specialty. This man is a rare find in this business because he actually cares, and that goes a long, long way. If I'm correct at the time of this picture they were discussing the Maillard Reaction or was is weather the Fahrenheit tempeture scale or Celsius is best to gauge the doneness of their creme brulees, or was it who was gonna salt the driveway? Anyhow, they do an exeptional job, and are greatly appreciated.
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Scott Sebastian said...

So what's the scoop? What's your status at Nemo?