Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Specials Anymore???

Specials are something that I’ve enjoyed sharing on this blog. At the Black River Café I am doing 2-3 different specials or fish preparations nightly and things are a lot less planned out than in the past. That is not to say they are not thought out, properly composed dishes, just that they tend to morph, and change daily based mostly on what vegetables I have prepped on that particular day. I’ll try to catch us up a bit with a list of what we’ve been doing the past few weeks.

Organic salmon over horseradish mashers with fresh artichoke, beets, and peas in leek vinaigrette

Shrimp and scallop pasta in a roasted mushroom cream sauce topped with crisp pork belly

Rainbow trout, kohlrabi slaw, garlic rosemary frites

Rainbow trout, fried chick-pea, roasted pepper and spinach salad, chili-almond reduction (mole)

Crispy braised chicken wings, citrus glaze, sweet potato fries

Vegan potato gnocchi from Ohio City Pasta with lemon oil, English peas, and fresh herbs

Seared scallops, cauliflower-almond puree, Breezy Hill Farms baby Swiss chard, leek vinaigrette

Spinach salad, Lake Erie Creamery goat’s milk feta, lemony onions, crisp pork belly, fried Amish egg

Herb encrusted wild stripped bass, braised salsify and young carrots, tomato-fennel confit

Slow roasted leg of lamb, lamb jus, garlic rosemary frites, braised Swiss chard

Crispy fried rabbit livers and loin, romesco sauce, pickled onion salad

Pork and Pea tasting, ham hock and pea soup, fried pork belly ‘BLT’ in a pea profiterole, ham, Swiss and pea quiche

Milk chocolate pudding with baked banana

Peanut butter parfait with fresh banana and strawberries topped with chocolate streusel

Lastly, Ben added an improved vegan entrée to the menu; crispy white bean croquettes, red pepper coulis, braised chard, and sweet potato fries.


William J Ritchotte II said...

This special: Rainbow trout, kohlrabi slaw, garlic rosemary frites.
This one stood out to me. When I was a boy, I would fish with my dad and bring home trout. I bet that tastes so good. Mmmm! One order to go please

Cory said...

pork and pea tasting and rabbit livers for me... mouth watering

Michael Walsh said...

Trout is a great fish I agree. They are one of if not the most green seafood widely available, which is important to us at the Black River Cafe.

I ran the pork and peas during lent just to go against the norm, and it sold suprisingly well. The livers on the other hand went down faster than the Titanic. I even fried them and they didn't move. I like them alot more than chicken livers. If i could sell them that would make my cost for the rabbit look great! I was saving them in the frezer, but gave up. If you want rabbit livers let me know and i'll save them for you.

Cory said...

definately, we have the new menu coming out monday... hopefully ill get a chance this week... i know same story for a month now... hope thigns are goin well, take care buddy