Monday, June 08, 2009

Things Ben Makes

Ben made this dessert as a way to use up some very ripe apricots. There is an apricot-chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate-goat cheese sauce, and sliced apricot. This dessert sold very well Saturday night.

We've had a little spare time on our hands lately and in a way to amuse ourself Ben made these dice out of parmasean cheese. We grate the cheese into a powder because it melts into things better, and looks better than strings of cheese as a garnish. This powdery cheese tends to be fairly moldable, but weak. To keep the shape Ben glazed the dice with the blow torch to perfetion.
Two ideas came out of this; instead of ice sculptures, how about cheese sculptures? Or, instead of sugar and chocolate show pieces, how about cheese and....crackers for instance?

Ben used a recipie that called for shredded beets, but sub'ed out apricotes. The cake was plesantly light and spongy. He thought it was dry that is how the mousse came about, but I thought the cake was nice on it's own. We also sell of chocolate lava cake that is rather heavy, so I enjoyed the contrast of this light cake.

I've tried to sell grilled flatbreads at the Black River Cafe a few times now, and it just doesn't go over well. We had 3 out of 6 left after Saturdays service so I made this my dinner. Ben took it out of the over so I decided to post it here. The toppings are fresh artichokes, ramps, smashed English peas, roast garlic, and Lake Erie Creamery Carphilie cheese.

While Ben didn't bake this bread from scratch he has taken on the responsability of looking after our daily bread service. It's quite and agrivation at times, and I'm glad he took over this task. I like this pic, there is alot to see if you click on the pic to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

OK, who's Ben?

Michael Walsh said...

Ben is my co-worker, my right hand man if you will. There are only the two of us working nights, and we work quite well together. I have alot of trust in Bens discision making, and he has an interest in making good food that trumps most other cooks I've worked with in the past. Having a good working relationship with someone you spend 8-9 hours a day with is priceless.

DianeS said...

I'm guessing that the reason flat breads don't do well is that you have so much other wonderful food to choose from! Flat bread would be last on my list with all of the other things you're doing.