Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top Chef, just as planned.

Oh yes, I’ve been watching Top Chef all this time. This is a really great season. There are an unusually high number of chefs who seem to really have a chance at winning it all. Likewise, every week it’s a tossup as to which of the weaker chef’s obvious and/or glaring oversight will get them sent off. Ashley has been something of a surprise the past few weeks, but I don’t have any faith in her for the long term. The brothers have no clashed as I predicted. Jennifer has come through safe and sound all the while providing a volley of insecurities over her deconstruction of lasagna. Eli likewise has always come to the table with a sound, interesting, quality dish.

I’m not sure what I missed, or when it happened, but doesn’t it seem like overnight Robin grew horns, a tail, hooves for feet and traded her santuko in for a long handle sickle? I was turned off by her in the first episode where she chose not to cook and relish in her gold coin luck. It seems like others; specifically her co-contestants have ill feelings toward her as well. Is it all real? I’m not convinced. It is that time in the season where the producers decide to spice things up. They have enough footage shot by now to piece something together and create a villain. Genius! We will have to follow this in the coming weeks. It’s all good fun until someone gets sent home!

On a different topic, I have been getting comments to one of my posts in Japanese. Almost every day for a month now, I don’t post them, but I have translated them with Yahoo Bablefish. They don’t make any sense. Does anyone know how to make it stop?


SavoryTv said...

I'm sad to say that in the midst of moving and packing, I've missed the last 2 Top Chef episodes, will have to catch up via Itunes!

Re: the spam comments, nothing you can do, just keep moderating and deleting. Our site gets over 100 a day. If you ever switch over to Wordpress, there is a great plugin called Askimet that detects them for you.

Savory Tv

Michael Walsh said...

OMG! There is more ceviche on Top Chef than Japanese spam in my comments. Come on Chefs and let this dead, beaten horse rest in peace.

Or they should just have a straight shooting ceviche battle and say, "ok, from now on, nobody does ceviche" I mean, at least kick it old school and pull out a foam!

Chef said...

We all agree that its spam, but should you not be able to read spam, wonder what they say ?