Thursday, March 04, 2010

Movie Night

I didn’t expect such a landslide of a vote for a favorite foodie movie. Looking at the options I am seeing a foodie movie and a romance that happens to have a chocolate shop involved. Big Night is a great movie. I really enjoy it. I’ve watched it more than a few times as I get sucked in after only a few minutes. But there is a story there about life struggles, about hope, success, family and the funny bits about Italian American cuisine, angry chefs, and general kitchen behavior. I can’t think of another movie before or since that has centered around a kitchen/restaurant that shed light on some of the real emotional struggles we go through. Big Night is in my opinion and yours a top notch foodie movie and one I can’t wait to see again.

Wait, there is one movie that comes to mind that centers on a kitchen, has real emotional themes, and is at least sometimes honest…. ‘Waiting’ I don’t consider this a foodie movie. It is a shock and awe comedy at best. It’s a mis-mash of dinner’s most extravagant fears and put them in a semi-realistic setting. The personality types, the corporate environment, and the personal interaction among the staff are humorous. Those of us in the business can usually pick at least one character and admit we worked with someone just like that. By no means am I implying that Waiting is a good representation of any professional kitchen that I’ve ever worked, but it does take every aspect of what does exist and push it to the max. In this way Waiting is a funny restaurant movie.


Rachel said...

Have you ever seen "Like Water for Chocolate?" I haven't seen the film, but the book was one of the best foodie books I've ever read. It drew exactly from the ethos of food lovers everywhere.

On the flip-side -- the most anti-foodie film I could imagine would be Soilent Green. I'm just sayin...

Just Jim said...

Love Big Night, it was an easy vote.
Waiting is a great romp and you're right, we've all worked with one of those people somewhere.
The opening scene in Eat Drink man Woman is epic, worth checking out.

Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for the movie suggestions. I will keep my eye out for both.