Friday, August 27, 2010

100 Reasons toward a sustainable table

Has it even come close to crossing your mind to go in on the 50 McNuggets for ten bucks? Have you even thought about how that price is possible or what exactly is in those ‘nuggets’? Well if you have that is only human, but you may need to purify yourself. In fact there are many reasons all of us might need to get back on track. Do we need 100 inspirations? Too late, already have them!

My friends at the Massage Therapy Schools website have taken considerable effort to provide us with exactly 100 reasons to have a more sustainable table. We think it’s so easy, but when confronted with a list like this it feels like we can do so much more. From the ‘Basics’ to social out reach all topics are covered. I personally appreciate #’s 95, 83, 79, 65, 59, 49, 44, 30, 14, 5, and 1.

1 comment:

amarillo said...

#7 is my absolute favorite. Doesn't take any effort at all, and makes all the difference.
#11 is good too.