Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A slow night at the restaurant

If it wasn't for the camera on this night, we might have found something un-wholesome to take part in, but luckily, we have these!

These are shaved garlic rounds to be dried in the microwave as described by Thomas Keller in his famed French Laundry cookbook

This is a plate ready and waiting to be finished, we have a lemon-parsley emulsion on the right, pickled cherries and brandy soaked walnuts on the left

The finished plate added seared foie gras over a ragout of chipollini onions, yellowfoot mushrooms, and a pool of 50 year old balsamic

Oh my God, even on a slow night the servers bread station looks like a mess. It seems like the more people available to clean an area the less likely it is to stay clean?!?!?! Things work differently on the other side of the line.

The next few photos show the growth of our Scallop presentation. Here we have our seared scallops and next to it garlic asperation.
Here we begin plating with our foundation of Pamasean-Mascapone risotto, sided with the garlic asperation.
The beatifully camalized scallops crown the risotto here as the plate comes to completion.
A healthy drizzle of Villa Monadori Balsamic vinager dresses the plate raising the seaminly deep, dense, and one dimensional dish to highly flavorful and complex.

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Rachel said...

I'm curious -- what is "garlic aspiration?" It looks like green shoots -- do you use parts of the garlic other than the clove?