Monday, March 31, 2008

Dinner in the Sky

If you haven't seen this one yet, it might take a moment for you to wrap your brain around this wacky idea!!! Yes that is a crane, and yes is has hauled into the sky seating and preperation space for some 20 dinners!

Check out their website for details. Unfortunatly there doesn't seem to be a domestic version available as of yet. There are some amazing photos on their web page, but I have more than one silly question to ask. Restrooms??? Either myself or someone I'm dining with always seems to drop something, a fork, knive, napkin??? I can understand a thrill ride, or being able to see the cityscape, but do I really want to eat during this adrenaline pumping, death skirting moment?

I wouldn't do it. In fact I think I'm mentally and physically unable to. My fear of heights keeps me off step stools let alone lynched up into the sky straped into a 4 point harness in a swiveling chair sucking down champagne and oyster as if any moment will be my last.

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