Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dispatch from the chest freezer, completed

Dispatch from the chest freezer, completed

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months lurching over this breathing bench I call my ‘office.’ Topped off with an array of electronics any normal kitchen storage device looks inviting. Unfortunately I’m able to type away or surf the web for hours instead of cook, which is why I’m here of course. I’m leaving the Wonder Bar; physically I’m done this coming Tuesday. After that I plan to leave this Wonder Bar in my proverbial culinary dust. I’ve learned a lot at this post, mostly outside of the kitchen, and mostly what not to do. At least I learned something though. As of April 1 I will be the chef at Nemo Grille in Avon, Ohio.

The first, and most frequent response I get is, “Avon, wow, that’s out there.” Well...kinda’…not really, I’ve spent much longer driving downtown looking for a parking space then walking 10 minutes to my destination all the time wondering if that bum might mug me. Then desperately hoping that my car is there, unharmed when I get back to it, all the time shrugging off panhandling scum. This is my life no more my friends. I rejoice in my 20 minute commute to the suburbs all safe and sound like a baby in a blanket.

I do have some fun and interesting ideas I’ve yet to have the customer base to explore upon. I’ve been reading up on my hydrocolloids, and my active experiment for Thanksgiving dinner was a success. I’ve been longing to make a nice pate, and cure some duck breast, and bake some bread. All this once again within my capabilities.


Anonymous said...

Are you revamping the whole menu... you the new executive chef there, hiring any new staff... what type of food will it be... excited to see whats to come...

Anonymous said...
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rockandroller said...

I figured this was coming and am glad to see you've got something else lined up. I get to Avon about once a month to go to Costco so we'll definitely be in.

Thanks for your contributions to wonder bar. With your departure, I no longer have any reason to go there.

Michael Walsh said...

As always, thanks for the support R&Rer, the wonder bar will continue just fine with cold drafts and high end martinis.

As for revamping the Nemo menu... I don't think they need a complete overhaul. Nemo Grille has been doing good business for over 4 years, they have a customer base who has come to expect certain things. I plan to go into that position as chef with respect for what the chef's before me have established, while in time i'll make an effort to expand the offerings there, connect with a widening customer base, and be an overall posative addition to Nemo Grille.

I'm not familiar with the staff other than Bob the owner so i'm blind to make any statement about the staffing needs at Nemo. But just like the menu, it appears to be in good working order.

The type of food nemo does now is what i would call american comfort/familiar fussion, and i think this is a very popular concept that allows for alot of creativity. Of course I have my style, globally influanced mid-western comfort food, and over time i'm sure my influance will become more pronounced. If we where making a martini it would consist of: one part molecular gastronamy, one part local produce, 2 parts classic french technique, 2 parts global ingrediants, and 3 parts imagination.

Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you are leaving downtown, especially after just having had a taste of what you can do, but very happy you are heading west. Being in Lakewood, Avon is a lot easier for me to get to. Like RnR, I get to Costco and Avon Commons at least once a month, usually 2-3 times a month. I've been wanting to get to Nemo Grille for some time and now I have a another incentive to try it out. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious. How many bums mugged you? How many times was your car harmed?

Michael Walsh said...

Mr/Mrs. Ananymous Downtown Lover,

On average I was harrassed by bums 3 out of the 5 days a week i worked downtown. One night I was lucky to be keeping my eye out because about 5 seconds after i got in my car some bum tried to open the door, luckily i locked it as soon as i got it. E. 4 street is not as bad as W. 6th when i worked at Blue Point 5 years ago.
As an added note, those of you who don't know me, i'm six one, and a conservative 360 pounds so i'm not an easy target. If i was a young lady there is no way i would be walking around downtown during the after dinner hours.

My newly purchased Explorer got the back tail light busted out, by a plow downtown is my suspision. I drove a little two door before that and there where numerous scrapes and scratches from parking at meters downtown. My mirror was taken sheer off the car when i worked at Blue Point.

Downtown is not a nice place, it's not place to let your guard down. There are alot of unplesant people downtown, and the instant you get soft, and start to feel safe!?!?! I'm not gonna feel sorry for you.