Friday, September 19, 2008

Specials for this week-end

Soup: Local Broccoli and white cheddar chowder

App: Foie gras mousse, mini truffle pound cakes, green tomato marmalade, marinated tomatoes

Salmon: Artichoke-red onion quinoa, tomato-corn relish, roasted garlic vinaigrette

Entree: Seared Lake Erie walley, lemon-thyme fingerlings, lobster-panchetta creamed corn

Entree2: Beef tournedo 'surf and turf', grilled medallions, butter poached lobster, lobster risotto, grilled zucchini


Cory said...

how did the foie go over.... it sounds amazing ... definately need to find a day off and come check out nemo.. you hear about pete?

Michael Walsh said...

This was my first time doing foie at Nemo. It is a recipie i've perfected though, and it went over just 'ok' a few of the servers really liked it, and we sold about 5 plates. When i ran out of lobster for the surf and turf i ended up adding foie to that plate as well, but it was far less intrigueing to customers than the lobster.

I did hear about pete, that is great for him. He deserves it for sure. He has put in the hours there at blue point. Now he can step out and really put everything into this product like he's been wanting to do for a long time i'm sure.