Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beer Cheese Soup

I'm not a big soup eater. Kari almost always chooses soup, especially a French Onion, or Beer Cheese. I usually taste it after watching here add an unthinkable amount of salt, and I'm almost never impressed. The beer cheese soup is usually overly thick and bland. For this reason I've never taken on the task of making a quality beer cheese soup figuring such a thing was left for those who consider 'making' soup nothing more than pouring it out of a bag. Here is my recipie, and like always, starting with quality ingredients is key.

Porter and Chedder Soup

1 onion
1 tblsp flour

2 quarts each chicken stock, heavy cream, Great Lakes Edmond Fitgerald Porter

1 1/2 pound Cabot extra sharp chedder
1 tblsp Frank's hot sauce

Dice the onion and carmalize in butter. Make a quick roux with the flour right before adding all the liquids. Bring the liquid to a boil, then simmer for half an hour. Add the cheese, hot sauce, and salt to taste. Ideally using an immersion blender the cheese needs only to be large diced. If you want to shread it then a wisk is fine.


Rachel said...

Mike -- I have a question. Paul and I have found this word "porter" all over the place in the last day or so. "Porter" cheese, soup with "porter." It appears to us that this might just mean "stout" beer. Is this right? (Considering making this recipe, but don't know what to substitue for "Great Lakes Edmond Fitzgerald Porter." Thanks for the info!

Michael Walsh said...

After a short time on Wiki, i can tell you that 'porter' and 'stout' are the same type of dark malty beers most popularly associated with guiness.

Feel free to use Guiness in the recipie, i'm sure you can find it where ever in the world you are. The reason I like a dark strong malty beer is that the flavor stands up against the cheese. If you wanted to use a hoppy beer I would suggest a lighter cheese, gouda maybe.

Great Lakes E.F. Porter is a very heavy beer that delivers a mouth full of malty goodness.