Thursday, July 02, 2009

New poll of summer events

With summer in full swing we are knee deep in outdoor activities. Like every good foodie I associate some type of food with every event. I mean what's it worth if there isn't any food involved? So I tried to pick some of the areas popular summer events, pair them with the food most connected with it, and I'm asking you; which summer food activity combo do you most enjoy?

You can select more than one answer.


Rachel said...

Woot Woot for the Gyros, but I also love Loukemades. Oh my goodness -- every few years I go to a Greek festival just to have those little fried balls of heavenly loveliness!

Michael Walsh said...

oh hell no, you said 'loukemodes' those are so good. then you fingers stick to everything the whole way home, awsome! Actually, I go for the fried smelt. A very underated dish. But one that lacks broad appeal like the gyro.