Friday, July 17, 2009

New Poll About Food Safety

The question of food safety at my local farmers market isn't exactly a new one. The vegetables are usually dirty and need a good wash for starters. The idea that all this food is sitting out in the hottest part of the day lays down a second layer of inquiry. Moving from just fresh vegetables more and more we find prepared food, dairy, and meat at the market. Fortunatly fresh picked fruits and vegetables are hardy, so is the human body, and unfortuantly for us in this situation so are bacteria.

Last week the Plain Dealer let us know about a few instances where the Department of Health sent vendors away for inappropriate refrigeration. The article can be found here. Insisting on mechanical refigeration might be a step too far? How concerned are you?


Dave said...

I am much more concerned with food safety at the grocery store than I am at my local farmers market where I have built a relationship with the vendors I choose to buy from.

At the market, food may be "dirty" - it was grown in the ground, shouldn't it be? Food should not be washed until it is ready to be used, it spoils faster if it is washed and then stored. At least the only thing I have to be concerned with washing off is dirt, not herbicides, pesticides, and God knows what else with produce coming from Mexico, South America, Asia, etc.

Unfortunately, I fear that our lovely government is going to be clamping down on small farmers. Read more about it from one local farmer:

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dave wholeheartedly. I do not buy meat at the grocery store, I buy it at the farmers market. I have no idea when that meat was processed and the person behind the counter can't tell me either. I'd rather go straight to the farmer and get my food.

I hadn't seen this article until now and I'm pretty upset about it. I think those health inspectors would better serve us if they'd inspect Giant Eagle.

Michael Walsh said...

Dave, we understand that veg. grows in dirt, but there are a ton of ppl out ther that have never seen a veg. ouside of that mist the grocery store pours over them. And to clean them seems otherworldly.

Meat at the grocery is questionable to stay the least. With all the smoking, soaking, vacuming, and brining that goes on you can't tell heads from tales as far as freshness. But is the farmers meat totally wholesome fresh, never misstreated in the least? I doubt it to be honest. Everyone finds some slack in the system. Do i trust farmers market meat more than grocery store meat.....well, thats the poll i guess.

Julie said...

I have concerns about everything! I try not to let it stop me from eating healthy. I do have a local farmer that sends me a pricelist in the fall, when he is ready to take orders for beef and pork. Is it safer I do not know but it tastes better.

I love the freash fruit and veggies at the market. I think most people that shop the market relize they need to wash the stuff! But I say if they choose not to they get what they get.

I don't!!! like the idea that we might lose the option to buy this stuff with out the input of the health department.

Scott Sebastian said...

I would never buy a protein product from a farmer's market.

With that being said I spend on ton on produce.