Friday, October 09, 2009

A few random ideas

I went to the Lakewood farmers market this week only to find an empty parking lot. Wow, time flies.

I’m hooked on Bison Burgers. They are available at K&K Meats in the Warren Village Plaza. They seem to stay moist more than beef. I will keep buying them.

If you ever cook something and it doesn’t really come out perfect, especially baked goods, just claim that the recipe is ‘heritage’ from your grandmother and everyone stops complaining about dry biscuits.

Be careful swallowing your gum. I’m still feeling the ill effects.

The wings at the Tradesman Tavern in Parma are some of the largest I’ve ever seen.

Why is the Food Network doing a Next Iron Chef? They are doing fine with Chopped. There is only so much time in my week for reality TV cooking and I’m happy with Top Chef.

Last of the season raw green beans have the perfect snap. I’ve been dipping them in a whole grain mustard and dill cream.

Shortribs might be the most over rated comfort food on the menu. It’s such an insincere cut that gets dressed up for the party, but just isn’t the party girl she used to be.

Have you ever seen cottage cheese on a restaurant menu? I haven’t, and I must ask, why not?

Soup is more than just pureed vegetables. That is what baby food is. Soup is a creation, a balance, something that is more than just the sum of its parts.

SavoryTV is a great webpage I've just discovered. Tons of video content, recipes, and all very well organized.

I’m working on a personal ‘Best of’ post. If you have any suggestions please comment!



rideandcook said...

Chef, you always find great websites and videos to link. SavoryTV looks like fun, and I just bookmarked it. I loved After Hours with Daniel, too bad they aren't making new episodes. Thanks for all the info and anecdotes that you post.

Scott Sebastian said...

The recent burger hoopla is over done as well.

Michael Walsh said...

Ride&cook, thanks for the comment, I wade through so much crap online that when I do find a gem I can't help but spread the word.

Michael Walsh said...

Scott, I think we are putting the cap on burger joints soon. Local Iron Chef Symon is opening his ode to the patty at B-spot any day now.

The newest news is the lowly hot dog. Check this out about the Happy Dog.

SavoryTv said...

Michael, we are blushing, thank you so much for visiting Savory Tv and for the shout out!

I agree regarding Food Network, I think they are grasping at straws at this point. What I would love to see on television: the classic vintage old chef shows, Galloping Gourmet, Julia Child and the like.

Enjoy your week and thank you again!

Heidi from Savory Tv

Michael Walsh said...

I agree there has got to be a demand for those classic shows. I remember watching the "Great Chefs" series when I was a young cook, but if I remember correctly it aired on the Discovery Channel.

It's amazing how fast fads and diets change. I was just musing with some friends that not all that long ago a bagle for breakfast, a bagle sandwich for lunch and TCBY frozen yogurt where things that made up our common diet. Perhaps there is just enough of this type of 'dated' material in those older shows that make them, how would you say, in conflict with current trends and ideas about food.