Thursday, October 15, 2009

For dinner tonight

Tonight I'm making dinner at home. This is a bit on the special side since I usually don't cook unless I'm getting paid to....hey, does a doctor go home and do some surgery on the family just cause he's good at it? No. I've put alot of thought into things all afternoon. I finally decided on a classic, yet modernized French dish, "Poulet avec tout dans le réfrigérateur." Which roughly translates into, "chicken with everything in my refrigerator." I'll share the recipie.

Poulet avec tout dans le réfrigérateur

1 part too broke to go our proper
1 part sick of fast food
1 part delivery is overpriced
2 part don't even have a job
2 cups of motivation since I've cleaned the kitchen
1/4 tsp spent all my money on bourbon
pinch of anti-social feelings

4 boneless skinless chicken breast
whaterver I find in the fridge

Stir all emotions together till hungery. Sear chicken breast in oil, mix in everything else. Bring to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes, serve hot. Don't save any leftovers.


Diana said...

no leftovers? Then it must have been another one of your great dinners.

Rachel said...

Nice! In my fridge right now all I have is: two beers, mayonnaise, spicy-pickled eggs, mustard, mozarella cheese, and I have some quinoi and instant pavlova mix in the pantry. I'm getting down to the dregs here. What could you make with all of that?

Michael Walsh said...

Spicy pickled eggs!?!?! I've never had such a thing, and it doens't sound very settling.

I suggest drinking the beer while snacking on the motz, then feed the rest to that raccoon by the dumpster. Except the pickled eggs...slip those into the back seat of the car belonging to whomever is lighting those fires at work.


i mean... your uncle is bob!

Scott Sebastian said...

You know what I said about oil and vinegar? Forget it. I fired his ass in the middle of the shift tonight.

Michael Walsh said...

Damn Scott that is some hard core shit. I had to do it once a while back when i was in charge. The adrenaline rush is unprecidented, but the come down hits you hard.

I hope things work out in the long run. At least you'll get a longer run out of that new chinois.

ps. I don't mind the lumps either.

Rachel said...

p.s. It's "Bob's your uncle!" Haha! Spicy pickled eggs are awesome, Mike. There is a bar out here called Joe Jobsts that sells very cold beer, liverwurst sandwiches, spicy-pickled hard-boiled eggs (think vinegar and jalepeno and dill), and pretzels. Needless to say you hate Joe Jobst the next morning for many reasons.

Michael Walsh said...

Scotch eggs I could get down with, but spicy pickled eggs just spell intestinal disaster in the language I'm speaking, and you seem to verify such. How does this bar Joe Jobst stay in business they are selling 2 good things with 2 things I could barely give away around here. I'm not saying I wouldn't visit the place for an icy pint, but jeesh, they could make things easier if they wanted.