Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey day eve

Thanksgiving eve.

With the great holiday of Thanksgiving less than an hour away, I begin to wonder what I have in this past year of the culinary world to give thanks for? Let me try to conjure up a few things.
I give thanks……

Kari and I have jobs in the biz currently.

Bacon, house cured bacon, and the raise of pork nation.

The people I’ve meet with this blog… Scott, Corry, Diane, Amarillo, Bob, Michelle, Dorenburg, Dana, Stuart,Dino-mite, and anyone else who has commented or visited my little piece of the internet.

Blackbird bakery, as they have enlightened me on the idea of a croissant.

The West Side Market, Lakewood Farmers Market and every honest hard working farmer I’ve meet.

Tom, Tiffany, Chris, Dave, Rich, Ludwick, Glenna, and any other of the many purveyors who I’ve dealt with.

The upkeep of the I-90 corridor.

While this list is incomplete, I’m done with it. Thanks to everyone!


Dave said...

Love Blackbird! Their foccacia's are awesome too.

Tiffany said...

Thanks :) How was the Trout? And I totally agree... I am obsessed with Blackbird! Foccacia is outstanding and I LOVE their peanut butter cookies. Happy Monday!

Michael Walsh said...

I will have to try the foccocia. Of course I went straight to the thing with the most butter in it. I had a loaf of multigrain bread that was wicked awsome....droped eight bucks on it too! but I would do it again.

The trout was good. I'm not a salmon fan, and it tasted like salmon to me. My girlfriend loves salmon and she loved it. The price point is a bit high if you aren't touting it's environmental friendliness as a selling point. Personally it's important, but to the customer base I'm working with now I don't think it matters much. I do appreciate the sample, Thank you very much.