Sunday, November 08, 2009

Back on Track

It has been some time now without a full time job, but the time has come to get back on the line and get back on track. I start back at Nemo Grille this week. That might sound familiar to some of you, and it should as I worked most of last year there only to leave regretfully due to economic reasons. Luckily business is on the up and up and the trickle down has finally hit me. I’m really excited to get back to work. The great upside to this situation; there is almost no training to be done, and only a few new faces to meet. It will be like riding a bike, but with hot things that burn, and sharp things that can cut you.

Nemo Grille has evolved a bit as the dining room has been refitted with a fresh coat of paint and some new artwork which really updates the space nicely. The menu has expanded a bit with a full bar menu offering a few sandwiches and a selection of steaks that rivals any steakhouse I’ve been to. The most important thing to me as a chef is that all the product we bring in at Nemos is quality product, and it is described in an honest, and fairly priced. I’ve been around the block a few times and know that this isn’t always the case, but Bob, Nemos chef/owner is a stand-up guy. One of the few people in this business I have any trust in. This is why I’m so excited to get back on track.

Now, I’m not going to get too intellectual and try to convey that I didn’t mind all that time off. I got a lot accomplished. For instance I bought an X-box 360 and played Madden football 3 full seasons! I’ve also spent a lot of time online, shoot I must have logged on to Craig’s List ten thousand times the past few months. Unfortunately, all non-productive things must eventually come to an end, and here we go again. I look forward to providing more interesting post than poll results in the future.


amarillo said...

I'm happy for you; it sounds like a great place to work.

Scott Sebastian said...

Good to hear. I've especially enjoyed your posts when you were in the trenches.

welcome back.

Cory said...

your just down the street from me... have to meet up and grab a drink sometime... hope all is well.. cant wait to see some pics of the specials again

DianeS said...


I haven't read your blog in a while so I missed this news, which is great news!

I am so glad to hear that you are back in the kitchen.

Nemo Grill is in our neck of the woods but honestly not a place that generated much interest to us but since you are back I am looking forward to coming in!

Michael Walsh said...

i can understand how Nemo doesn't add a little peter-pater to your heart. I suggest joining our e-mail newsletter, which you can do at 3-4 times a month we send out pics and descriptions of our specials. When somehting of interest comes along stop in. Also, check the comments of my most recent post where I explain what Nemo Grille has to offer the casual dinner.