Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kevin, Top Chef Winner in our Hearts

Kevin earned a finale win according to 50% of my pollsters. He garnered a full 70% on this site. Now we learned his personal life was in shambles during recording, poor guy.

You can find Kevin's bio here. It's not often that industry people leave places on good terms, and when they do, and return to a place of former employment it really speaks to there character.

From the bio you can trace Kevin to the Woodfire Grill in Atlanta. There webpage is not complety up do date, but the dinner menu was current when I dropped in here.


livetocook said...

I am one of those who voted for Brian. He was my favorite from the beginning, although Kevin was a close second. I liked Kevin for his simplicity and I imagine his food tasted amazing, but Brian seemed to take things to the next level. I'd love to check out his chef's table at Volt.

Michael Walsh said...

See I had the opposite ideas in the begining about the Volt brothers. Every Top Chef has featured two contestants with a close connection. Either they have been romantic connections or work connections, and they have always played a larger roll in the 'reality show' aspect of Top Chef instead of the 'culinary' side. I just figured this is where the brothers would fit into things and I waited all season for them to do something silly between each other that would disrupt things, instead they seemed to help each other.

We all know being a chef is alot more than cooking. Winning Top Chef is about cooking, which direction each contestant goes after the show is more telling about them as a 'chef' For instance Fabio more than anyone else from Top Chef seems to have is face on everything, but he didn't win.