Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Top Chef Vegas, over and out.

You can see my prediction here from my observations when the season premiered.

I am glad to say I had Jen, Eli, Kevin and Michael all in my final four and that is almost how things played out. Brian V. lacked the outward confidence in the beginning that would make you think he would show up in the end. Ironically after watching the last episode I thought Brian should have won.

You can't argue against the judges’ pick of Michael as he did a great job as well. The sibling rivalry played out well. I thought it might get ticky-tacky eventually, but the producers didn't take it down that road. Kevin might just win out as fan favorite. Everything he did seemed to be quality work, unfortunately not everything hit the high note at the right time for him. Plus, he painted himself into a hole with the "simple southern" pre-disposition about everything he cooked.

I really like the mothers at the judges table of the finale. That really tugs at the heart strings. I mean who doesn’t want to do well in front of their mom. The group of restaurant owners who tasted the dishes was over the top impressive. The chef's might as well have considered their performance a living resume for the next year or so with those guys. On the flip side they never explained how, or if at all their opinions played in the final discussion.

Lastly congrats go out to all those chefs who lasted long into the competition. I can't really imagine the stress that goes into being there let alone winning. Cheers!


Dine O Mite said...

I thought the sous chef thing was complete bullshit. Let them pick the top six. What would have happened if someone would have drawn both Jen AND Eli? But that's not why Kevin lost.

Kevin's problem is the same problem a lot of these chefs have: they don't master a few versatile desserts that they can use throughout the competition. How hard is that? The Voltaggios obviously figured that out. Carla figured it out last year. If you want to eff up a dessert put chunks of bacon in it. The stuff tastes like shit in ice cream, brittle, and yes, even when covered in chocolate. It's a gimmick.

In the end I enjoyed the high level of aptitude during the season, but I thought the finale was lackluster.

Michael Walsh said...

You are very right that the level of the chefs this season was good. Likewase the finale was lackluster. It was entertaining, and good, but lacked that pop, the 'wow' factor that would have made this seasons Top Chef on to remember.

From here on out if every contestant doesn't have a few solid dessert options up their sleave, then lossing is their own fault.

Scott Sebastian said...

ugh. I've only seen one finale and it was anti-climatic as well. (when Stephanie won)

I managed to see only 15 minutes of this season. The show stresses me out. I find myself yelling at the TV.

Anonymous said...

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