Friday, November 19, 2010

Coconut Curry Sauce

I found myself battling another installment of insomnia a few nights back and two great things happened at the same time; I began to nod off, and which ever cooking show airs around 3 am had a chef preparing a Southern Indian coconut curry. I took the basic idea, from what I remember at least, and put something rather tastey together. It's my own sort of Indian-Thai fusion.

The basic ingredients included sliced onions, coconut milk, garam massala, chili flakes, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.

After cooking the onions to a deep dark brown I removed some from the main pot, added fresh ginger, lemongrass, the dried spiced and sauteed till fragrant. This mixture was then pureed smooth with a can of coconut milk and married back into the main onion pot then topped off with more coconut milk, a bit of soy sauce and lime juice.

Part of the whole dish was nice and naturally sweet Jasmine rice to which I added chopped dried dates and raisins. I like to add the fruit at the begining of the rice cooking because I enjoy the more toothsome fruit allowing it to actually flavor the rice as opposed to having plain rice with some fruit tossed in.

Pan seared Mahi-Mahi in coconut curry with vegetable egg-rolls and date-raisin rice. I plan on adding fresh corriander and a squeeze of lime juice over everything before serving this week-end.

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