Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Thankgiving Day Thoughts



My regularly scheduled day off...Thursday....Thanksgiving...Thursday....I don't skip a beat!

I took my camera in for service about two months ago and I get an e-mail today, of all days. The day before the busiest shopping day of the year...."Your camera is fixed come get it!!!" It has to be a scam.

What is up with Four Loko? I just found it to be way too sweet.

If you might be interested in a long lost descendant of Genghis Khan who is currently interested in wack food and dope hip-hop then there is a good chance you would enjoy the chef of Xiao Ye's blog.

My fantasy football team is currently 5-6 and projected to lose my more than 100 points this week-end. Bet I would kill it if there was fantasy Iron Chef!

Salty sold his knife for 8g's. Who uses a 8g knife? I wouldn't cut a mushy carrot with 8g's. I'll stick with my pink Pure Komachi.

If I see another in depth piece about cooking turkey, stuffing or cranberry sauce I might very well explode.

Is bacon over rated? I mean it's good and all, but come on. Some people have taken it a bit too far for a bit too long.

Where do vegan eggs come from? Vegan chickens of course.

Why are people so hung up on what wine to drink with their Thanksgiving dinner. I mean the only thing I can think of that will make that dry ass turkey taste any better is some bourbon, or rum, or vodka......

Best Thanksgiving dinner idea ever? Tacos. Pure genius un-realized.

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