Friday, November 19, 2010

I got cool knives too!

My blogger friend Salty has an amazing collection of knives. Some of which he has currently offered up for sale. F'ing amazing stuff. So I thought I would show off my collection also.

On top is my favorite Pure Komachi II that I got at Target almost 3 years ago. The handle is cheap ass plastic aka. very light, and the blade is very thin and sharp as a razor. The best part is it only takes about 5 swipes over a stone and I could shave with this thing.

Second is my Nenohi Nenox G-Type Sujihiki. It is a single edged blade which I find dificult to sharpen, but when sharp is stays that way for a long time. This knife was a gift and I'm very embarassed that the tip has since been broken off. Fortunatly it's a clean break and I can manage to manuver the knife in a way that makes it fully usefull.

Lastly is a nice Kyocera peeler. Actually I'm not 100% sure it's a Kyocera, but if it isn't it should be cause I had one of their fixed blade mandolines and it was awsome.

Obviously I have a limited collection, but I have a great respect for those who are more educated about blades, and even more appreciation for the producers of excusite knives like those that Bob Framer and Michael Rader make.

Oh, wait, the best thing about the pink Pure Komachi is that it is in fact PINK, and nobody in the kitchen will ever ask, "hey dude, can I dig on that sharp ass pink knife for a quick second?" ha ha ha.


Scott Sebastian said...

You have bigger balls than me using a pink knife. What's next? A Rachel Ray?

Nice suji BTW.

Michael Walsh said...

Rachel Ray, ha ha ha. If it stays sharp, is repairable, and light I'll give it a test ride...that's just how big the balls are, they make my draw's sag.

Thanks for commenting on the suji. I was so pissed when the tip busted I put the knife up for about 2 years then looked at it all sad in the pile of other crap I forgot about and revived it. Beside the guy who gave it to me was a great guy.

Scott Sebastian said...

I break tips all the time. I've gotten pretty good at nose jobs.

The Kramer sold BTW. I paid $1400 after waiting three years for it. Went for 8K. hehe.

Michael Walsh said...

Wow, good investment on the Kramer. A really good looking knive. I wish I had 8K to drop on a single knive, that would be awsome.