Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two Day Feast

Just had the best Memorial Day feasts..Yes more than one, that you can imagine. My sister posted up on day one ‘Sunday’. We had the most awesome BBQ baby back ribs. I ate over half a rack when my belly said stop, but my taste buds said, “I want more.” There was corn on the cob that was very good for this time of the year. My sister is the baked beans master. Whatever she does they are always good, but this time they where over the top good. Ironically the usually overlooked, overly mayonnaise pasta salad was fucking kick ass. I couldn’t get enough. I think that is what filled me up so much. Damn good job.

Monday was my day! I just didn’t have the heart to compete. I was beat by the ribs, beans, pasta salad combo. I just had to keep up. I went to bat with a soy-garlic beef tips, grilled corn on the cob, baked potato, and I just couldn’t get enough of yesterday’s pasta salad so we had that again. I love a good baked potato. I especially like when they have a nice crunchy skin which can’t be accomplished in the microwave, but baking the thing in the oven when it’s 90 awful degrees outside is unrealistic. A few minutes in the magic box then a few on the grill suffice. I also put the grill to the corn so it was a little different. I swear there is a one square inch spot on this grill that is hotter than a Janet Jackson ‘wardrobe malfunction’, so a few tips got a little ‘crispy’ aka dog treats. See even the dogs had a great week-end feast.

Drinks where flowing too! Bet your ass. We had a nice combo of cheap vodka, Four Louko, cherry rum, muscato, ales, porters, and IPAs along with a little water, ice tea and lemonade. Plus we ate ¾ of a huge watermelon, which counts as a drink to me as it’s about 90% water.

Hope your week-end went as well. But last but most important thanks to those of service, and their families who spent the week-end wanting their loved ones closer to home.

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