Monday, June 27, 2011

MGB part 2, Getting My Hands Dirty

June 8, 2011
I didn’t actually show up on time again… talked to my mom too long on the phone. Damn it.

We worked on putting together shelving and stainless steel table tops. The racks came together nicely after the first two, but the fucking tables really showed us what ass’s we are outside the kitchen. The combo of different length legs and a weird hex bolt Allen wrench thing that we only had one of was a bloody nightmare. We built two tables in the basement of MGB where I’ll tell you there is not ventilation less AC. Not even a blessed fan! Turns out we built them with different length legs and had to take them completely apart and redo them. And then we had another 6 to do properly once we figured out the puzzle.

After a few hours in the sweet shop putting together racks and tables we walked across the street and Cento is getting fucking slammed. I mean def con 9 kind of shit. All men on deck, grab a life preserver and hope for the best. I feel comfortable claiming a 300+ cover night.

There was also a beer tasting of MGB beer at The Speakeasy of which there was also some food prepared which made everything just a bit, and I mean just a tiny bit more interesting. Until I walked down stairs to see the deboning of pig heads being prepared and the parade of friends and family just amazed at the procedure. What a way to end the night.

June 9, 20011
Today was an interesting day. I took the online Serve-Safe exam. What a joke. The easiest exam I ever took, especially after a 2 hour lesson from which they culled all the questions. If you failed this exam you have to just hit restart, in life I mean.

Made some beef cheek ravioli, picked duck confit, chopped rosemary and dropped some sweat. On to the next day as not much construction has happened in the places we need it to happen for the sake of improving the status of our kitchen completion.

June 10, 2011
This Friday turned out to be a very interesting day. We started with banging out about 400 beef cheek ravioli. No problem! Then our attention was turned to plucking peas out of their casing. No, not out of the pod. Individual peas out of their little tiny casings. Cubby hands got no rhythm. I also rinsed off and dried a dozen halved pig faces and set them out to dry as we would eventually braise them overnight.

The guys said it was just an “alright” night, but it was fucking amazingly busy from my recent experience. I was only helping out the burger guy and was amazed at just the volume he did let alone the entrees that Chef did and the nonstop flow of pizzas.

It’s very exciting to think that I can go to work, bust my ass, and come home with a whole huge overwhelming feeling of, “I did a good job today.” It’s been a long time since I can say that to myself deep down inside. I’m not quite there yet, as I feel I’m the Cento cook stand in who is mostly in the way, but right around the corner is a bearded grin for all to see.

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