Monday, June 27, 2011

MGB part 3, Almost Ready to Cook

June 13, 2011

Yes, two days have passed since my last entry and that is because I was given a much appreciated and unsuspected week-end off. Wow, what a little R&R can do for an old man. I think I went 9 straight days between Nemo and Cento and they got harder and harder every day. I am so mentally, physically, and emotionally recharged I’m ready to conquer this week like a Viking.

Today consisted of a lot of cleaning and re-cleaning of things that got dirty and re-dirtied. The place is really coming together fast, both front and back of the house. The upstairs line is set. All the heavy equipment is in place and ready to fire up. The pass is set, things are getting bolted in…as in ‘they aren’t moving any time soon bolted in’. The prep kitchen is coming together alright. The upstairs line seems to be larger than I imagined while the prep area is quickly and drastically shrinking like Rick Moranis’ kids. We have a steam kettle that for operational code doesn’t need any ventilation, but sooner than later that little prep kitchen is going to be an 120 degree fog of dead meat.

You think to yourself “cheese tasting that sounds great!” Well, if you’re wandering around and nibbling a bit and stand next to what you like and ignore the rest then you’re in paradise. When as a professional you HAVE to taste every cheese with four different beers peppered in with three different meats and some pallet cleansing water and bread. That is a job! I sized up what we were getting into when all the cheese came out and knew I had to pace myself. Really only 3 of us out of 7 tasted every combination possible, and I’m pretty sure I can say we enjoyed it. I know I did at least. Putting a cheese board together isn’t as easy as you think.

Oh, and a lead into tomorrow is that we unpacked an 815 piece small wares delivery. Holy fucking cardboard boxes Batman! And on the docket for tomorrow is a trip to Dean Supply to pick up what we forgot in an effort to pull off the always stomach wrenching food service health inspection.

June 14 2001
Food inspection passed. Now we clean all 815 pieces of small wares. Mop, clean, mop, clean, mop clean seems to be the theme for the day aside from ordering our first official, legally storable food at MGB. A good day to say the least.

June, 15 2011
More of the clean-mop procedure, but we had the whole kitchen staff in for an orientation and information sharing session. The crew moved pickles over from Cento to MGB. Had the guys clean some stuff and get a feel for the place. Everyone seems to have a place and have a priority. We will get a feel for the crew the next few days. We placed thousands of dollars worth or orders today between food and small wares so we should be ready to hit the floor wheeling tomorrow. Tomorrow, Thursday is our first hot food day. I have to admit to a few butterflies with this. I don’t know who I can trust to not fuck up or who needs only a watchful hand? I guess we will all just dive right in and it’s either sink or swim?

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