Thursday, October 09, 2008

The day has come.....

Today we are making some serious changes to the Nemo Grille menu. The customer favorites, the staples, and the money makers all stay, but we found a few items to play with and introduce a seasonal influence to the menu. It was not all that long ago, 8 months or so, that we sat down and quietly decided not to decide anything with regard to changing the menu, and that is in part what makes this change so sweet. We have come along way, Nemo Grille and I. We learned about each other, learned from each other, and gained a mutual trust between us. My favorite part of this change is that we have the ball rolling now, we will have to change in the future. When walleye, apples, and butternut squash are no longer the seasonal favorites, things will need to be adjusted. Not only do I appreciate this sense of ‘in the now’ food, but most customers can identify these themes as well, and look forward to change in the future. At least this is how I hope things are perceived. Anyway, let me tell you about a few of the changes....

Sea scallop sliders, coffee dusted scallops, herb profiteroles, celery root puree, apple-coconut-vanilla slaw.

Herb crusted walleye, truffle sachetti, creamy leeks

Butternut squash ravioli, swiss chard, hot italian sausage, white cheddar.

Seared salmon, fried rice, green curry green tomato, sweet teriyaki.

Truffle veal meatballs, linguini, roasted garlic-sage cream.

Seared sea scallops, butternut squash risotto, cider reduction, apple-fennel slaw.


Scott Sebastian said...

Yowza, it all sounds good.

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