Monday, November 24, 2008

November Pics

We decided to remove the Walleye dish from our menu and replace it with everybodies favorite...grouper! I thought this composition might be a nice cold weather, yet light dish...Seared grouper on grilled romain dressed with an anchovie-lemon aioli topped with polenta croutons, pickled red onions, and marinated tomatoes.
The carmalized cipolline from two posts ago are in the background along with a fingerling potato and Coulrouge goat cheese tart, alongside a grilled strip steak topped with roasted garlic demi-glace.

What ever happened to lobster prices? I don't know but I like it because we where able to offer this one and a quarter pound lobster split and stuffed with lobster fried rice, with roasted claws all in a spicy saffron lobster cream.

These are just some ravioli waiting to be boiled, but I always find it interesting to see what kind of things are hanging around other restaurants, and this picture gives a glimpse of what we have hanging around.
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The CFT said...

Are those Chef 2 Chef spices back there? Got to love Dion.

Michael Walsh said...

good eye, that is exactly the kind of thing i would have picked up on if i was looking at the picture.

Dion does a super job with everything he touches. I thought the spices where good, then he has like 12 kinds of finishing salts, and rice, and dried mushrooms...ect but then he also runs the cheese shop and has the absolute best retail selection of cheeses available in the city. Bar none, there is no one with this variety of high quality cheese.