Friday, November 07, 2008

Weekly Specials for November 7th

Brazilian tiger fish

Seared Brazilian tiger fish, banana-sweet potato puree, tomatillo salsa,
crushed peanuts and lime.

This is Sean's creation for the most part, with only the slightest nudges this way or that. Cinnamon poached apple salad of spinach, radichio, shaved onions in a sweet champagne vinagrette, dried cherries, goat chevre and Sean's apple chips.

Braised lamb shank, maple glazed beets, herb-parmasean polenta, lamb jus
I kinda rushed the picture of this one as the polenta and jus won't be done till today, but a big hunk of braised shank still has some photogenic qualities.


Scott Sebastian said...

Hey, a little off topic but who is Michael Symon? I here he's from Cleveland and is a celebrity chef. Just heard he may open a joint in Milwaukee.

Michael Walsh said...

Michael Symon has nurtured two very good restaurants in cleveland called lola and lolita ( I've been to both and they are very good. Symon opened Parea in NYC, which has since shuttered, and last week opened Roast in Detroit, the menu for Roast is posted on my blog a few back. Symon has a blog (

Symon has been on Food Network for years. He was on Melting Pot, then won The Next Iron Chef, and most recently Mission Impossible. Alot of cleveland foodies feel Michael is almost single handedly resposible for vaulting cleveland into the national culinary scene.

First Symon was eastern european his rosemary mac&cheese, rabbit streudal, crab perogies, grouper slash and burn, and flinstone steak (bone in ribe-ey) where the cities fav. eats at one point. Then Symon was/is Greek, and more moderately meditteranian....lamb, yogurt, smelt, and ouzo all became our favs for awhile. Michaels love of pork is well established, foie gras mortadello, beef cheek perogies, are our current favs.

I recently saw a video of Michael giving a speach about the business side of restaurants in which he explained that he is now getting paid to bring forward thinking restaurants from reality, something he has had sucess with in the past.

I've shared company with Michael a handfull of times. I've worked plated benifits with him, cooked for him, and chatted with him. He is a very wholesome person, and the few people i know that work for him say the same thing.

Scott Sebastian said...

So it sounds like he's one of the "good ones".

Thanks, I did a google on him and vaguely remember seeing his face somewhere. I figured a local chef would have the straight dope.

If he opens in Milwaukee he'll do well. Milwaukee is striving to be put on the culinary map. A celebrity chef's restaurant would be the rage. Don't know about the timing though.

Michael Walsh said...

Yeah, I figure Milwaukee and Cleveland have a similar type of customer base that Symon is familiar with. He has been good with pushing the envelope, knowing exactly where to stop before going too far. I'd be happy to have him associated with my area, and even if you think the time might not be right for Milwaukee, the time is bright for Symon, hopefully it will rub off on the area like it did here in Cleveland

Michael Walsh said...

Latest in the Cleveland Plain Dealer is that Milwaukee is in line for a second Roast.

Rachel said...

Don't know if it is just me, but no matter what I do, I can't get the pictures from this post to come up. :(

Michael Walsh said...

me either, they disappeared after a few days. i don't know where they went. to be honest, they weren't that great anyhow. sorry