Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breakfast Hot Spot Black River Cafe Opens for Dinner

Our first press over the Black River Cafe's new dinner offerings has been inked and is the hands of the Oberlin Community. The Oberlin Review article can be found here. A very honest, straightforward, un-opinionated piece that sets the tone for what's to come.


Scott Sebastian said...

Nice. Can't wait for the candles.

What is OC 98?

Michael Walsh said...

yeah, it's the little things that keep you excited sometimes.

Joe is a grad. of Oberlin College in 1998

Rachel said...

Nice press. And my thought when I read it echoed Scott's. Big things coming -- candles. :)

Michael Walsh said...

you know, there was talk about the candles the other day, and one of the new dinner servers asked, "why didn't you already do candles at lunch?" and everyone looked at her funny, twisted their head to the side like when you ask you dog a question, when finally some one explained, "uhm, because the sun is out and it's already bright in here."

candles, sometimes the obvious, sometimes the little touch.