Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fresh Pics From Black River Cafe

This was our daily bread select, from front to back; baguette, gougeres, foccocia, and brioche.
This is our Braised Pork Shoulder with butter braised cabbage and herb spatzle in the back.
Our chicken is served as a half boneless chicken in a lemon-thyme marinate with boc choy, and roasted root vegetables consisting of carrots, parsnips, celariac, and rutabega.

A little twist on the classic, Steak Frites, but we use sweet potato fries, with swiss chard, and pictured is a rib-eye.

One of our more popular dishes so far, mushroom risotto. We cook the rice in a rich vegetarian stock with porcini mushrooms, then finish the dish with butter and parmasean. On top we put spinach and whole mushrooms, in this case oyster and shitake. Truffle oil, parmasean and black pepper finish the dish.

The daily fish was Rainbow Trout, pan seared over sweet and sour cabbage topped with ricotta gnocchi and almond brown butter.


Rachel's mom said...

Hi Michael- I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, the photos of your food, and your journey through Life. I lurk here a lot, and really appreciate all the hard work and talent you have..... congratulations!

Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for your support. It's comments like yours that encourage me that I'm heading in the right direction.