Monday, February 09, 2009

Music and Dining

The verdict is in, and that is an overwhelming desire to hear Jazz music while dining out. I’m not at all surprised that the great musical traditions of Jazz are welcomed to be a part of our dining experience. I do wonder how many of those pollsters who chose Jazz are listeners outside of the dining room? Jazz seems like such an easy choice. With roots that go back almost 100 years to modern interpretations the variety of styles and emotional states is almost never ending. While I’m sure Jazz can be appreciated even if it’s the first time someone has listened, I wonder how many jazz votes might have been, “something, but I won’t remember,” just as easily. It’s nothing offensive toward Jazz or the voters, just an observation that my own vote would go for that which I wouldn’t remember, and for the most part, 3 hours of Jazz that I find in the moment very pleasant during a meal, completely forgettable the next day.

I’ve learned the best way to enjoy the music of those around you is to be as open as possible, and never get attached. I’ve responded many times in the past as to my musical tastes, “it is all good unless I don’t like it.” That is how I feel about music in the dining room. As long as I don’t hear something and say to myself, “wow, I don’t like this music,” then I’m perfectly happy. I’m perfectly happy in my completely ambiguous, vague, self serving definition of what I find acceptable that it can only be defined by its opposite. Simply and boldly states 80’s pop and/or country makes my skin crawl.


Scott Sebastian said...

Ya wanna know what makes my skin crawl? That song that states "We're not human, we're dancer." WTF is that supposed to mean. Then to hear it constantly. Ugh!

Michael Walsh said...

that is one of the stupidest songs ever, I watched the video hoping to gain some insite, nope! I really hated "love in an elevator", but this dancer song is the worst.