Friday, May 15, 2009

Got Local?

It wasn’t long ago that a term like “local organic products” drew a small, yet committed crowd of individuals who had similar ideas about farming, food distribution and environmental responsibility. Today it seems that everyone from the President to the free soup kitchen wants to use these kinds of bold statements in a very general sense. Look at how big business snatched up the term ‘organic’ twisted it, and chipped away at its meaning leaving us with little more than undersized produce with a bright sticker on it declaring its organic-isity. Ever wonder how that adhesive on the sticker could possibly be healthy to digest? The same is being done with the idea of “local” and the big boys are gearing up to destroy yet another adjective that once was very meaningful.

Kim Severson examined some of these ideas with a bit more objectivity in this week’s NY Times, it can be found here.

I’ve posted a new Poll that centers on this information, thanks in advance for polling.

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