Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Favs

Cory over at Trials of a Young Cook set me up on this one, his post is here. My opinions are as listed:

Favorite Domestic Beer: Steel Reserve
Favorite Import Beer: Moylan Brewery, imported to Cleveland from Cali
Favorite Red Wine (varietal): Chimney Rock Cab.
Favorite White Wine (varietal): Camus Conondrum
Favorite Liquor: Wild Turkey 101
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Water
Favorite Candy: Jelly Beans
Favorite Movie Theater Snack: Popcorn
Favorite Carnival Food: Soft Pretzle
Favorite Chip: Vinager
Favorite Vegetable: Fresh Artichoke hearts
Favorite Fruit: Banana
Favorite Protein: Eggs
Favorite Cheese: Right now, Lake Erie Creamery Tomme, epouisse a close second
Favorite Nut: Toasted sliced almonds
Favorite Dessert: Aged manchego with truffle honey at Momocho
Favorite Cookbook: Culinary Artistry by Dornenburg and Page
Favorite Knife: Pink knife from Target that no one else touches
Favorite Cooking Style (technique): Sauces, everything from reductions to vinaigrettes
Favorite Food Show: Bourdine’s No Reservations, I like the travel parts too
Favorite Mexican Restaurant: Momocho
Favorite Asian Restaurant: Buddikan, Chicago
Favorite Bar: The Lodge, Chicago
Favorite Fast-Food: Rally’s
Favorite Cheap Eats Restaurant: C-town pizza delivery
Favorite Fancy Smancy Restaurant: Bistro Pierrie, Philly
Favorite Local Restaurant (any): Subway, consistency!
Favorite Not So Local Restaurant: Morimoto, Philly

What Would Your Last Meal Be: Foie Gras and sweetbread wrapped in bacon, and smeared with maple syrup then slow roasted and served over brioche with a stone fruit gastrique, sliced almonds, and flambae’d with drambuie, and to drink a bottle of Makers Mark, and for dessert, one ripe mango.


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Cory said...

thanks buddy... i really like the idea with the pink knife...