Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh the pain!

I managed to cut my right point finger on the inside crease of the first knuckle. It's a tiny cut. In fact I don't remember it happening, and you can barely see it. It's almost like a crack more than a cut. Surely there is no blood to speak of. Unfortuanatly though, this is the finger I stick in the salt and pepper cups to season food all night. On top of that, I insisted on sqeezing fresh lemon juice on the sautee'd lamb. Now, a little salt and lemon juice never felt so good. Quick math, we did about 12o covers, lets say only 100 ordered entrees, and the other 20 orders a salad or something I don't cook, well, that's nothing, ok, about 3 things. So for every entree I cook at least one side that needs to be salted, then 80% of the proteins are cooked to order so another 80 items to be salted, plus 10 lemons squeezed. Jeeze, that's 190 plus clicks on the ouch meter. Good things I've got two days for that little stinger to heal.

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