Monday, May 04, 2009

Last weeks pics

Wild Alaskan Salmon, sweet corn risotto, house cured bacon, pearl onions and ramps.

This is a row of plates waiting for rainbow trout; fresh artichokes, pearl onions, radishes, English peas and golden beets with a smoked tomato vinagrette.

Fresh artichoke and ramp brushetta. First we soaked the bread in browned butter, then topped it with a ramp pesto, sliced artichokes and parmasean cheese before toasting it and topping with a chifonade of ramp tops. I want to run this again but with Lake Erie Creamery Carphilly cheese melted over top.

House cured bacon that is sliced up and ready to go. I was really happy with how this bacon turned out. It's Curly Tail Ranch pork that I cured it for 7 days in equal parts sugar and salt with garlic, thyme, and chili flakes. After rinsing off the cure I cooked the large pieces at 200 degrees for 2 hours. The sweet and salty flavor is really enjoyable without cooking the bacon any longer. I thought the slices of this bacon that I crisped up lost alot in depth of flavor. The process is really simple, It's definatly worth doing again.


DianeS said...

Michael, I just got myself caught up on your blog.

Your plates look amazing and the menu sounds great. Really, truly, it seems that you've hit a great stride.

I am VERY eager to check out BRC as soon as we get home; it will be one of our first stops. I had plans to get there before we left on this trip but that didn't happen.

I like that favorites list. I may co-opt it for Facebook or my blog.

I do have one nit-pick. Why are you ordering croissants from Sysco? Isn't there a local bakery that makes them? I would imagine that the Sysco ones are made with hydrogenated fats, no? Do you not have the staff to make your own breads in house? I know that's probably a big undertaking but it would be great if you could do it.

Michael Walsh said...

Diane, thanks for the nice comments. Sysco Croissants are the cure during a transitional phase for us after the closing of Lopresti's. We started out making our own bread for dinner, but there just isn't enough space to do it properly on a large scale. We are getting bread from a bakery on the east side, the name escapes me right now. I would assume there is something closer to Oberlin though. Rest assured that Sysco is not our long term solution though.

DianeS said...

I did use it and I gave you and Corie credit for it-