Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Pen, or smartphone, is mightier than the santuko.

The NY Times food section always delivers. I mean there is something worth reading week in and week out, on a consistent basis. If you aren't checking it every Wednesday, then you should. I found this piece by Julia Moskin to peak my and in turn your interests....Chefs, bloggers, tweeter, purveyors, customers, message boards, and armature food critics. Throw all those in a pot and stir it up!

For me the prize of the whole investigation can be found in the audio link, "Back Story with Julia Moskin." During the last 3o seconds the statement, and one I've made many times before is put forth "being a Chef is more than just cooking." And we aren't talking about management or organization. The implication and one that I reluctantly support is that to be a successful, economically stable, and notable Chef one must create an identity, a persona, or a character of which customers find your time on TV, Tweeter, or roaming a dining room to be more important than your time in the kitchen. I'm sure this is a comfortable role for some people, unfortunately not me. I'll stick to my lil' ole blog and long hours in the kitchen on my personal search for success, and be happy with it.

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